Capture Incidents

A web-based incident management system that allows you to capture and record any type of incident or accident and all related details. Developed and enhanced by safety professionals, it enables organizations to collect comprehensive incident data, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the chain of command.

Investigation Techniques

Various incident investigation techniques are included in the program ensuring that all phases of investigation are covered. Additional material, photographs, scanned documents and other multimedia can be attached to the record. The system can be customised to escalate the investigation process to different levels of management based on levels of severity.

Frequency Analysis

Generating frequency and severity rates is often a tedious process. The system automatically generates these calculations from the data captured. Such information is critical to determine which areas and times of operation need to be managed more effectively.

Reporting Functionality

Powerful reporting and dashboard functionality enables you to gain an overall picture of current incidents and the status of their remediation. At any given moment, generate reports detailing the number of incidents that are still open, the number of actions implemented as a result of these incidents, as well as the number of priority risks.

Incident Management System
Incident Management System


Localisation functionality that comes with six languages. At a click of a button English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin speaking people are all able to access their organisation's incident management system in their home language.

Relational Analysis

Link incidents to facilities, processes, and equipment. Mine data to understand where problems occur and take preventive action to ensure the same accident doesn't happen again.

Incident Management System

Incident Management System

Seven Level Hierachy

Listing of a seven level organisational hierarchy with various end user security levels, thus ensuring an enterprise wide incident management solution. The system is therefore suitable for all types of organisations, from worldwide corporations to small businesses.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence tools track safety performance and identify root causes, risks, hazards, and trends so you prioritize efforts to make innovative, cost effective and lifesaving decisions.

Incident Management System

Incident Management System

Multiple Devices

Developed to support tablet and smartphone functionalities. Incident data can be entered from various devices at any time, no more collecting data in spread sheets only to be captured later.



Incident Register


Management Reports



Automated notifications ensure that those who need to know about an incident are immediatly made aware, with incomplete tasks resulting in escalating notifications.


All employee records are managed in the organisation's internal ERP, HR, Financial, and various software applications, and automatically updated in NOSA-ims.


Consolidates incident data from all levels of the organisation into one database, allowing the user the ability to analyse trends on different levels of the organisation.


Provides the end user with the ability to capture all related incident and accident costs.


All corrective actions are logged in the system, allowing for automatic escalation, thus ensuring that they are actioned correctly.


Build a consistent incident reporting and investigation workflow by using the same reporting processes across the entire enterprise.


Creates a central point where employees can report incidents, schedule remedial actions and generate management reports.


Provides root-cause analysis information that empowers organisations to implement corrective actions and therefore prevent re-occurrence.

Supports Multiple Databases

NOSA-ims has been engineered to cater for a diverse range of business requirements and roll out strategies.  One such item is the support of multiple database technologies, ranging from open source to enterprise level.

Development Architecture

The Microsoft ASP.Net framework forms the foundation of NOSA-ims architecture.  This enables NOSA-ims to leverage of the comprehensive set of benefits the Microsoft service framework has to offer. NOSA-ims subscribes to an n-tier application architecture that provides a model for developers to create a flexible and reusable application.

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Incident Management System